Study Abroad

During the spring semester of my junior year, I studied abroad in Dortmund, Germany.

It’s a large city in the North-Rhein Westphalia state, and has a long history in industry and manufacturing. I choose it because it was the biggest city offered through Agnes, and because I already knew someone who lived there. I arrived March 1st, and stayed until mid August. During my time there, I made wonderful friends, fell in love, and learned a lot about myself and the world. I had an opportunity to be an assistant teacher for an English as a Second Language classroom, which cemented my love of kids and education. Some of the kids even came to Atlanta in the fall, and we got ice cream!

While there, I came to better understand cultural differences, not just between the US and Germany, but between the US and all the countries that my friends came from. I tried food from around the world, and met peoples parents, partners, and friends. IMG_8254448f20f4-e74e-4386-a4ec-6feece35f45b

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Here I am at the beginning and the end of my time abroad!

I am so excited to hopefully move back to Germany one day and travel around to meet up with everyone I met.