Contemporary Germany

In 2018, I was part of a lucky group of Scotties who went to Germany for 2 weeks as the end of a semester long class on the history of the country and how that informed modern culture and politics. We went right after finals ended with our professor, to travel the Eastern part of the country for 2 weeks. My phone died in the first three days, but I had a blast. We visited museums, ate Eis, and German food, talked to natives, practiced our German, went to the Opera, and had too many cocktails. This trip is my favorite Agnes memory, and it sparked my love of travel and my love of the country. This trip made me sure of my decision to study abroad. It brought all of us German majors together- we had been through a huge thing together, and it bonded us to each other and the major.

Coming back was super hard- not only was I incredibly jetlagged and still had a flight home to Michigan to catch, it was hard to adjust to life in the US. Everything was so big and loud, and I had been tech free for two weeks, so that was also an adjustment.

This trip was the highlight of my time at Agnes. It changed how I think about the world and helped me better understand the global implications of our actions.

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