Resume and Future Plans

Right now, the world seems so uncertain. It’s impossible to know what the next day will bring, and trying to concentrate on the future is futile. Instead, we must take joy in the everyday, and continue mutual aid to our community. As an essential worker, I understand that. However, for all the clapping and thanking of essential workers, I wish these people would advocate for higher wages, protective gear, and unionizing. Nobody is working a low paying grocery job because they want to. It’s because we need to pay rent. If I was eligible for unemployment or a stimulus check, I would absolutely be safe at home, so I wouldn’t to worry about getting sick, spreading disease, or killing my loved ones.

I am excited for the day when I can finally hang up my apron and get a job that directly helps others and doesn’t make me fear for my life. I want to work in youth development. I’ve worked with children and teens since I was in middle school- from babysitting to after school care. I eventually moved up to working at a youth development organization, then as a teaching assistant in a school, and then most recently in the youth program and nursery in a church. Each of these jobs has changed me and strengthened my commitment towards youth in a different way. I’m attaching a copy of my resume as a way to show that I am committed to moving forward. It’s also important to note what strengths I got on the StrengthsFinder:

1. Restorative
2. Empathy
3. Individualization
4. Positivity
5. Developer